Want To Look Younger??? Here Are Some Herbs And Spices To Use!!

Aroma Scents Naturals - Ginger Mask

There’s no need to spend an insane amount of money on your hair and skin products when the world’s most luxurious anti-aging ingredients are already in your kitchen cabinets!! Let’s see what some simple herbs and spices can do for your complexion! Detox Your Complexion With Basil Want to whisk away pore-clogging buildup? It’s easy with the excellent cleansing power…

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Peppermint Essential Oil Uses, Benefits and Cautions

Aroma Scents Naturals - Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

A hybrid of the spearmint and water mint plants, peppermint comes from the Mentha pipertita and Labiatae categories. Its aromatherapy use dates back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times. When distilled into an essential oil, peppermint is prized for its unique cooling and invigorating effects. Since the days before commercial toothpaste, this essential oil was the go-to for mouth freshening…

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