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5 Energizing Essential Oil Blends For Autumn

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Orange Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend

Enjoy this spicy orange aromatherapy blend for those times in autumn when you need warming from the outside in. Brings an uplift in mood, increased energy levels and an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Pour approximately 6 ounces of distilled water into your diffuser. Into this add:

5 drops sweet orange oil
3 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops clove oil

Aroma Scents Naturals - Fall Scents

Vanilla Pumpkin Diffuser Blend

If you love pumpkin pie, then you’ll appreciate this aromatherapy diffuser blend that contains all the secrets ingredients that make this traditional American Thanksgiving dessert so delicious. But instead of consuming the calories, you get to breathe your pie. Some say that pumpkin pie spice is an aphrodisiac. The science seems to support this, so diffuse this warming autumn blend on an evening you want to heat things up in the bedroom. A crackling fire, cozy pumpkin spiceā€¦ now that’s nice!

To your essential oils diffuser, add:

About 6 oz. of distilled water
3 drops ginger oil
3 drops clove oil
3 drops vanilla oil
3 drops cinnamon oil


Apple Crisp Diffuser Blend

What makes apple pie, apple dumplings and apple crisp so good? The aromatic, warming spices that put the finishing touch on these comforting fall desserts. Add this apple crisp diffuser blend recipe to your essential oils humidifier, and comfort your spirit with apple spices while taking in a deep sniff of healing, cleansing aromatherapy.
Diffuse the following blend:

About 6 oz. water
3 drops cinnamon oil
3 drops lemon oil
3 drops clove oil

TIP for fall: If you run a wood stove or have a fire at your home often in the colder months, then you know how dry the air can get. Even if you don’t have a fireplace or stove, you probably know the feeling of irritated nasal passages due to the dry, heated indoor air of autumn and winter. An essential oil humidifier and diffuser in one can beat the dry heat while stimulating your senses and enlivening your spirit.

Try dripping a few drops of your favorite spice oils into a kettle that simmers atop your wood stove. Being able to breathe moist air that’s loaded with antioxidants will help you battle cold and flu germs this coming winter.


Aroma Scents Naturals - Fall Essential Oils

Nutmeg Chai Diffuser Blend

Here’s a health factoid that you may not know. If you love the flavor and aroma of nutmeg, your body may need a boost of magnesium and/or potassium. Respond to your inner cravings with this tantalizing nutmeg chai essential oils aromatherapy blend. The health benefits of this wonderful plant are truly amazing. It’s a wonder what the nose knows.

To your essential oils diffuser, add:

About 6 oz. distilled water
3 drops nutmeg oil
3 drops vanilla oil
2 drops cardamom oil

Ginger Spice Diffuser Blend

Stave off cold and flu germs while chasing the blues away this autumn and winter. Here’s an essential oils blend with incredible positive effects for both your body and mind. Ginger oil boasts disinfectant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the nervous system, clears the lungs, heals the throat and aids in digestion. Enjoy a cup of warm ginger tea with lemon while you diffuse this spicy essential oils blend.

Into your aromatherapy diffuser, add:

About 6 oz. distilled water
4 drops ginger oil
3 drops lime oil
3 drops vetiver oil

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