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Aromatherapy and Skincare – Skin Types

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All of us are individuals and we are different from each other in many ways. It can be seen in our personality as well as our general makeup and in every different part of the body. One big difference is in our skin, and it’s a difference that should be handled in very specific ways. In this article, we will look at some of those differences and how essential oils can affect them directly.

Before we start to talk about the differences in our skin, it is important to understand that they can often be treated in a similar way. I’m talking about natural skincare treatments and when they are used correctly, they can yield fantastic results. One of those treatment options is aromatherapy essential oils. Not only can the scent of those oils have an effect on our skin, but applying them directly provide benefits as well.


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The following are some of the most commonly used types of essential oils in skincare. Some are applied directly but others may need diluted, or perhaps could be consumed. It is important to use them safely as some oils could cause additional issues if they are used in the wrong way.


Dry Skin

If you are someone who suffers from dry skin, either as a result of seasonal changes or all year long, there are some essential oils that can help. They moisturize, providing the soft and smooth benefits that we all desire. These essential oils also produce an aromatherapy benefit as they are applied. Some of the most popular include chamomile, rose, sandalwood, and lavender. For safety, you need to blend them with a base oil. Avocado oil or evening primrose can be used for extra moisturizing.


Oily Skin

Although many people suffer from dry skin, others may suffer from oily skin on a regular basis as well. This issue could occur for many reasons, but it can often be traced back to an imbalance in the PH levels. Some of the most popular aromatherapy oils include cedarwood, lemon, tea tree, andĀ geranium. Like oils for dry skin, these oils may need to be blended with a carrier oil. Some of the most popular blending oils include jojoba and apricot.


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The aging process is something that affects all of us but most of us would rather avoid it. If your skin has been affected by your age, using aromatherapy oils such as frankincense, neroli or lavender may help. You may also want to use an oil such as carrot that has a high level of vitamin E.

When using aromatherapy oils, it is possible to clear up many of the skin issues we have, even if we have had them for many years. Continue to use them regularly and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

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