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Home Spa Bliss

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In today’s frenetic world, we all love a little personal spoiling. And what better way to leave our daily stress behind us than to indulge in a heavenly spa treatment? Unfortunately, many of us are too busy and do not have the money to visit a spa on a regular basis. So what is the solution? You can easily bring spa serenity into your own home with DIY recipes and treatments.

Here’s How to Create a Home Spa Experience


Home Spa Bliss


You will need:

• Two hours of uninterrupted time for yourself
• A scented candle and matches
• Cotton washcloth
• Bath puff or sponge
• Bath pillow
• Milk bath or bath salts
• Cleanser and facial mask
• Nail clippers, file, polish remover, tweezers, nail polish
• Your favourite soap or body wash
• An eye pillow (gel or flax seed)
• Razor
• Fluffy towels
• Body Lotion
• Freshener and moisturizer
• Relaxing music
• A good book
• Chocolate bonbons

Your bathroom is about to become your relaxing sanctuary. Shoo away hubby and the children and lock the bathroom door.


Spa Time



• Turn off the bright lights and light a candle
• Play some soothing music
• Fill the bathtub with tolerably hot water and 1 cup of milk bath or bath salts
• Make sure that a washcloth, nylon puff, body wash or soap, and a razor are easily accessible from the tub
• Attach an inflatable pillow to the tub
• Wash face and apply a facial mask
• Take care of your body maintenance: remove fingernail polish, pluck brows, etc.
• Remove the facial mask with a damp washcloth
• Climb into the tub; lie back and rest your head on the pillow; place eye pillows on the eyes and relax


Take care of your body


• Rub the soap or body wash into the nylon puff and scrub all over. Use the resulting foam to shave legs and underarms
• Rinse off and get out of the tub. Pat yourself dry and apply your favourite moisturizing body lotion
• Apply freshener and facial moisturizer
• Shape and polish nails
• Dry off with a big, fluffy towel
• Put on a robe or comfortable clothing. Lie down on a bed or curl up in a comfy chair. Treat yourself to a good book and some of those yummy chocolates
• Repeat the above once a week for optimum personal relaxation!

Remember that you are important and schedule the above experience often for your own self-care. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. This will definitely be a total mind, body and spirit experience!

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