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How Aromatherapy Affects You

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Aromatherapy is one of the most popular buzzwords in the world of natural healing today. The influence of aromatherapy on the central nervous system is well documented. Most of its applications revolve around its effect on mood and positive psychological response.

Certain herbal extracts and essential oils have been proven to trigger brain alertness and increase nervous electrical activity. Rosemary and lavender, for instance, are good examples. The effects of aromatherapy can be studied on diverse groups of people who are exposed to the inhalation of a scent. Afterward, researchers can measure the level of relaxation or alertness, depending on the substance to which the subjects were exposed.


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Experiments have been conducted to establish the impact or effects of aromatherapy on various health conditions. One amazing conclusion was that not only taste and mood are influenced by essential oils but also memory improvements are obvious. Neither taste nor smell would be complete without each other.

Aromatherapy uses exactly this connection between the body responses and the brain reactions triggered after the inhaling of a certain aromatic oil. New positive associations will thus be created with the opportunity to try new smells. Consequently, it is a good idea to experiment with new scents and see how they can work on your mood. Keep a mood journal and write down your experiences with using various essential oils. You will see some interesting trends developing as you test your experiences with aromatherapy oils.

The inherent and innate differences between individuals could become responsible for the level of sensitivity to the action of essential oils. The effects of aromatherapy could vary from one individual to another particularly in terms of reaction intensity. A good example of this is the calming, soothing impact of lavender. The variety of oils allows one to experiment. If one essential extract does not work for you, there is always the possibility to find a substance more suitable for your emotional and physical condition.


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