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Skin Care Trends: Have You Tried Charcoal Yet?

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Charcoal-based skin care products are extremely popular, and manufacturers have created several items that you can use for cleansing or exfoliating your body and facial skin. The type of charcoal in your skin care products has been treated to increase its absorption into your skin. It is easy to find an assortment of skin care products that contain it because this particular ingredient is trending right now. Look for charcoal-based skin care products at local or online drugstores. Here are some of the various products that you can use to improve your skin.


Bar Soap

Bars of soap containing charcoal will remove the excess dirt and sebum from your skin’s pores. If you have oily skin on your back or shoulders, then charcoal-based bar soap can help with preventing pimples and blackheads. Dermatologists recommend using this type of bar soap three times a week to eliminate oiliness.


Facial and Body Scrubs

Body and facial scrubs that contain charcoal also have tiny granules that help to exfoliate your skin to leave a smoother layer of skin. The small granules also enter your skin’s pores to lift the thick debris that cause acne. This type of skin care product also tends to dry the skin, so you should use it only once a week.


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If you have an oily scalp or flaky dandruff, then you can use a shampoo that is formulated with charcoal. The activated charcoal in some shampoo products can eliminate dandruff so that you don’t have itchiness. It will also remove a buildup of other hair care products so that your hair feels softer and smoother. You don’t need to use this type of shampoo each day, but by using it occasionally, you can have hair that looks better.


Specialized Facial Cleansers

Specialized liquid facial cleansers will eliminate bacteria along with removing the toxins from the top layer of your skin. This type of cleanser helps to remove the plugs of sebum that fill your skin’s pores, leading to blackheads and pimples. Skincare product manufacturers formulate several types of facial cleansers for skin that is dry, oily, sensitive or acne-prone.


Facial Masks

Facial masks that contain charcoal are trending, and you may see television commercials for this product. This skincare product is thicker, and it has a gooey texture as you apply it to your facial skin. After waiting until the facial mask dries, you can lift the dried product from the bottom of your face. Next, you will rinse your face with warm water to remove the skin care product. You will notice that the dirt and sebum in your skin has been lifted with the dried facial mask.


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Foot Deodorizers and Cleansers

When you suffer from horrible food odor, you can find skin care products that are designed for your feet. The activated charcoal in these foot care products helps to eliminate the foul odor from your sweaty feet. You can soak or wash your feet with activated charcoal skin care products to eliminate the bacteria and toxins that create a bad odor. You can also sprinkle charcoal-based powders in your shoes, or you can place charcoal-based pads in your sneakers.


Body Clay

You can remove the impurities from your body’s skin with a clay skin care product that contains activated charcoal. This product is slathered on your body skin, and you should let it dry completely. Then wash it off with a warm shower. Not only will charcoal-based body clay remove deeply embedded dirt, but also, your skin will have a firmer texture after it is rinsed from your body.

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