The Effects of Essential Oils on Mind, Body and Spirit

The mind… There are indeed significant essential oil aromas that stimulate an integral part of the brain responsible for influencing emotions. An oil molecule can be akin to a key, in which it opens up the lock-like structures of the olfactory nerve in the nostrils. The effects of the scent are immediately passed onto the limbic system wherein memories, emotions and pleasures…

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Can Aromatherapy Help With Skincare?

Aromatherapy Oils 2 - Aroma Scents Naturals

Using essential oils and aromatherapy is certainly nothing new, it has been around for thousands of years. Essential oils have been used by many ancient cultures for all of the benefits they provide. Much of the history of using aromatherapy has been lost to time but there are still enough ancient manuscripts available to show that herbs, plants, and oils…

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