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The Effects of Essential Oils on Mind, Body and Spirit

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The mind…

There are indeed significant essential oil aromas that stimulate an integral part of the brain responsible for influencing emotions. An oil molecule can be akin to a key, in which it opens up the lock-like structures of the olfactory nerve in the nostrils. The effects of the scent are immediately passed onto the limbic system wherein memories, emotions and pleasures are stored and perceived. Upon stimulation, the limbic system will then release chemicals that have an impact on the entire central nervous system. Endorphins affect sexual responses and minimize pain while serotonin will counteract anxiety.

Breathing in essential oils helps attain an amiable emotional balance in our minds. In turn, a balanced emotional state yields some therapeutic effect on problems particularly stress-related issues. You may enhance your emotional and physical welfare with the use of the essential oils through diffusion or direct inhalation. 

If immediate relief is sought, direct inhalation is best applied. To relieve stress, you just need to put five drops of chamomile or lavender on a handkerchief and position it below your nose and inhale the scent through it. These essential oils will easily disperse into the air. 

A ceramic vessel or an aromatherapy lamp, which is designed with a basin to contain a mixture of essential oil and water, is a wonderful approach to releasing scents. The small basin is heated underneath with a light bulb or a candle. Diffusing relaxing oils such as chamomile, sandalwood or rose can very well ease patients’ anxieties while waiting for their turn to see their doctors in the lounge or waiting area. Or, to ward off untimely sleepiness, use uplifting oil scents like lemon, basil, or peppermint particularly in offices.   

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The body…

Scented oils can easily be absorbed by the skin, then travel through individual cells, up to hair follicles, then through the sebaceous glands to interact with the natural emollients of the skin. The oils’ chemical properties can be deodorizing, toning, balancing, and cleansing.

The scents increase the aesthetic dimension of the healing effects brought upon by massage therapies, facial steams, compresses, foot, and body baths. Concentrated oils must be diluted (comprising only two to three percent of the mixture), either in bath water or carrier oil like jojoba, or sweet almond. The skin, being the largest visible organ, protects us from the constant barrage of toxins and pollutants.  The scent of lavender oil offers a toning, balancing, cleansing and deodorizing effects, aside from it being thought of like the skin’s optimum skin oil. In addition, it is relatively safe to use even up to 20% dilution. It fights oily skin types while smoothing out and replenishing dry and flaky skins.

The spirit…

Essential oils are considered to be the archetypal breath of plants, caught in a jar. Frankincense oil has been used in prayers and meditations for many centuries. Its balsamic and rich scent deeply penetrates into the depths of the lungs. It provides a slow, calm and relaxed breathing – something that is essential for meditating. Frankincense promotes balance and grounding. Why not try using frankincense the next time you meditate.

Essential oils offer positive effects on every aspect of your being. Their unique blends and properties enhance the spirit, mind and body. Aromatherapy is the scientific application and most imaginative and clever use of essentially scented oils. It create marvelous changes in people’s lives on therapeutic, mystical and aesthetic levels.

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