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Tips On Organic Skin Care Products And Going Green

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Going green is very trendy in today’s world. Green is definitely mainstream today. We are perpetually subjected to ads for an endless list of products that affirm how eco-friendly they are. Skin care is no exception. The average consumer has a problem determining whether a product labeled organic is truly organic and natural. Why? The majority of cosmetic manufacturers are adopting the advertising strategy that they are on the ‘green’ bandwagon.

There are no stringent regulations when it comes to the labeling of cosmetics. It seems hard to believe but food, alcohol, even household cleaners have more rules for labeling standards than the products you put on your skin, in your hair or even in your mouth. So the question arises: what do you do as a person who uses these personal products? How do you cut back on the chemicals that may cause cancer?

This article will give you some helpful guidelines on what to check before you buy your health and beauty products. Enough information will be given for you to make intelligent decisions about buying your personal care products. It pays to be vigilant and read the labels on the products you expect to be natural.

The first thing you need to look for is any product that has an ingredient says ‘derived from’. This immediately puts up a warning flag that the original, natural ingredient has been chemically altered, and may now be toxic. It is cheaper to create natural products with man made alternatives, but the manufacturers still want consumers to believe that their product is green, all natural, or organic. Another often used deception is the use of the term ‘infusion’ on a product label. This incorrectly suggests that the manufacturer has used a marvellous, wholesome addition of a certain organic ingredient. The bottom line is that the ingredient has been so watered down as to be almost non-existent in the product.

Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry defines the term ‘organic’ in a very hazy manner. This makes it difficult, but not impossible to find products that truly are simple and healthful and close to nature or ‘organic.’ When most people think of the term ‘organic’, they think of things from nature that are not chemically processed. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers out there that follow this code.

If you really want to make sure the product you are buying is totally natural you can look for labels from many reputable certified government organizations. The labels indicate that the product has been closely vetted and checked. Everything is documented: from the way the plant was grown, all the way through to the way it is being packaged stored and shipped.

In conclusion, many of the cosmetic manufacturers are greedy and do not hesitate to cash in on the ‘organic craze’. This means that a consumer must be educated to know which products truly are organic and which are not. We must remember that there are many fine natural and organic skin care products available. You may have to do some searching, but it is well worth the hunt.

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