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Try An Aromatherapy DIY Mist Spray To Cool Off This Summer

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Great news!!! Summer is almost here and with that wonderful heat comes the sun. Along with all this, all this lovely sunshine comes the summer heat. High temperatures can make you uncomfortable and who loves a hot, perspiring face? To cool off, spritz a refreshing mist on your face. Here is where your creativity comes into play! You will need a small, fine mist spray bottle, distilled water, and various natural ingredients. You can, of course, use a regular water bottle, but that tends to be a little much when you have makeup on, plus it isn’t very soothing. Here are some DIY options if you want to make a face mist at home.


Aroma Scents Naturals - Facial Spray


Remember to consider the natural properties of the essential oils that you want to incorporate into your facial spray. I always follow the K.I.S.S. rule and keep the ingredients simple! You can add an optional ingredient of fractionated coconut oil to help emulsify the oils in the water. Here are a few easy combinations to make:

Mint and Lavender Face Mist

Just feel this cooling and refreshing spray on your hot face! This is a pairing of really cooling mint and skin soothing lavender. Here are the ingredients to make a purse-sized spray:

• 2 oz of distilled water
• 6 drops lavender essential oil
• 6 drops peppermint essential oil
• 4 drops fractionated coconut oil (Note – do not use regular coconut oil that comes in a jar- it will solidify)
• Add the ingredients to a small, fine mist spray bottle.
• Next, shake this up and spray your face or body


Here are the benefits of using this lovely mist spray:

• It can be used on both adults and children
• Great to soothe hot and red skin after sun exposure
• Provides a refreshing break after sports or at the beach
• A wonderful way to encourage skin healing
• Mist on your skin while you work out to cool down



Green Tea and Rosewater Facial Mist

Green tea has revitalizing and moisturizing effects on the skin. Used by itself or paired with other natural ingredients, it is a great base for a DIY facial mist.

• Take 1 cup hot water and steep 2 green tea bags in it
• For sensitive skin add an equal amount of rosewater to this combination
• Don’t forget to shake it before using.

The above recipes are very easy to make and only a guide to challenge your own creativity. Have fun experimenting with your own combinations of herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils. Mist your face and neck for some wonderful aromatherapeutic benefits!

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