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Did you know that soap can be exciting? Now that I have your attention I’d love to introduce you to the wonderful world of natural skincare products.

I am a maker of natural skin care products and I must say that my journey to this career has been quite a roundabout one. For many years I worked in the telecommunications industry in a variety of technical jobs. I enjoyed my projects and colleagues, but always felt something was missing. And I got tired of the nine to five treadmill of a corporate job. I wanted more, something that made me want to jump up and rush to work. Well, I found it!



Aromascents - Natural Soap


How I started

I left my long-time job in 2005 and enjoyed a few months of pursuing some of my personal interests, but there was still an empty space. I have always loved to learn new things. By chance, I started to study aromatherapy and got hooked on the wonderful world of essential oils. Finally, my career path was obvious; I became an Aromatherapy Consultant. I finally found what I was looking for! This led to a couple of courses on how to make natural soaps using essential oils and I really found my niche. I finally found that my passion is to create and share beautiful soaps and organic bath products.

Since I am a “people person”, I soon found an outlet for all the wonderful products that I was creating. I exhibited and sold my soaps and spa bath creations at craft fairs and local bazaars. In fact, I made so many soaps that friends and relatives advised me to do it as a business. In 2008 my company Aroma Scents Natural Products was born and it has really flourished. I have products in several stores and sell locally every week at one of our large farmers’ and artisans’ market.


Aroma Scents Soap

My company offers luxury soaps and spa bath products at very affordable prices. They are made from the best, natural organic ingredients. No chemicals used, ever! I always advise people to enjoy our all natural organic products to soothe and pamper your skin. We listen to our customers and provide products that are natural, organic and vegan. Our ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible, including packaging.


Aromascents - All Natural Soap



We need to be extremely choosy about what products we put onto our skin because the skin is porous and absorbs whatever we are using on it. Essential oils are the perfect balance because they can make skin look and feel amazing, as well as promote health on all levels. I am passionate about creating quality products that are safe and natural for all to use. My mission is to assist and teach people how to take care of themselves and use healthy products that are designed to deliver both integrity and excellence.

Remember that we use pure essential oils, simple natural and organic ingredients that are good for you and the environment!

In conclusion

You only have one body. Here’s hoping you will use natural soaps and bath products to be the best you can be!!!

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  • Cherry says:

    I’m curious about your “locally” sourced olive oil and Shea butter. Pleas explain.

    • Cheryl says:

      By locally sourcing, I mean I obtain these two ingredients from a local company that imports the shea butter and olive oil. The shea butter is directly imported from a women’s commune in Ghana. It is made by hand there. I do this because all profits go directly to the women’s commune and benefits everyone there. The olive oil is sourced from Spain and is excellent quality for my soapmaking. I hope this answers your query.

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