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Homemade Clay Masks Using Natural Ingredients

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In terms of beauty trends, masks have always been popular, but one thing that has changed is the type of mask we use. Cucumber masks you peel off to reveal soft, smooth skin used to be a top trend, but now it is all about the clay masks you rinse off.

Here are some homemade masks you can make using all natural ingredients.

Why are facial clays beneficial? They are frequently applied to our skin because they absorb impurities. When massaged into the skin, clay literally sucks oil from the skin, leaving it clean and balanced. Most masks are appropriate for people with normal to oily skin.


Aromascents Naturals - Clay Masks


Dry Skin/Normal Skin: You can use Kaolin or Rose Clay- These can be obtained at most health food stores.
Normal/Oily Skin- Most popular and easily obtained is Bentonite Clay and Fuller’s Earth. French Green Clay and colorful Brazilian Clay (Natural, Dark Red, Pink, Purple, and Yellow) add great choices.


Rose Clay Mask

This first mask is one that you can make using a few different rose products. Rose isn’t just for smelling pretty or making your home look beautiful, but can work great as a face mask to improve your skin. You can also use a little rose water in this mask, but keep it on the thicker side. Some other ingredients to consider adding are jojoba or avocado oil, chamomile essential oil, and a conditioning emulsifier.


• 2 tbsp. rose kaolin clay
• 1 tbsp. rose water (or distilled water)


1. Mix clay and water in a small bowl, forming a paste. Add a bit more water if too dry, or more clay if too wet.
2. Put on a clean face and let the mixture dry for about 15 minutes. Gently cleanse with tepid water until the mask is gone. Apply a moisturizer if needed.


Aromascents Naturals - Clay Masks DIY
Charcoal Clay Mask

This is definitely one of the most popular types of masks right now. Activated charcoal has many health benefits, including ones for the skin like reducing oily skin, helping to treat acne, and evening out your skin tone. To make your own charcoal mask, all you need is activated charcoal in powder form, some bentonite clay, and a little bit of raw apple cider vinegar. Combine the ingredients and apply the mask just like any other mask you would make. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.


Bentonite and Oil Clay Mask

Here is a mask that has room for customizing it. It is an all-natural mask that combines the healing benefits of bentonite clay with the skin-improving properties of various essential oils. You will start with some bentonite clay, making sure it is pure clay and doesn’t have anything added to it. You will then want a carrier oil of your choosing like jojoba oil, along with essential oils that are good for the skin. Some top ones include lavender, rose, and frankincense, though you can mix and match with your favorite ones. This is a very purifying mask.


As you can see, you only need a few simple ingredients to make your own mask. Choose the type of clay, add some skin healing ingredients and something for scent, and you have yourself a homemade mask that is perfect for your skin.

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