The Effects of Essential Oils on Mind, Body and Spirit

The mind… There are indeed significant essential oil aromas that stimulate an integral part of the brain responsible for influencing emotions. An oil molecule can be akin to a key, in which it opens up the lock-like structures of the olfactory nerve in the nostrils. The effects of the scent are immediately passed onto the limbic system wherein memories, emotions and pleasures…

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How Aromatherapy Affects You

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular buzzwords in the world of natural healing today. The influence of aromatherapy on the central nervous system is well documented. Most of its applications revolve around its effect on mood and positive psychological response. Certain herbal extracts and essential oils have been proven to trigger brain alertness and increase nervous electrical activity. Rosemary and…

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Can Aromatherapy Help Depression?

Aroma Scents Naturals - Can Aromatherapy Treat Depression?

Essential oils have been used in therapeutic ways for thousands of years. They offer numerous healing benefits. There’s is a lot of buzz around aromatherapy, especially in the natural wellness and holistic medicine communities. Some people even say that this practice — which involves putting concentrated oils from plants into the air with misters or special candles or applying the…

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Rejuvenate Your Mind with Essential Oils

With all the responsibility and worry that assails a person in today’s world, mental fatigue has become a major problem. The exhaustion that results takes a toll on your energy and eventually even your mental health. Using aromatherapy essential oils will help you fight mental fatigue will improve your memory, your energy, your health, and your overall mood. You will…

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Essential Oil Pet Safety Guidelines

Aroma Scents Naturals - Essential Oil Pet Safety

Essential oil use on and around animals, particularly common household pets, is becoming a hot topic. Unfortunately, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to give really solid guidelines about animal aromatherapy at this time. Most of the research done on animals with essential oils is conducted to learn more about aromatherapy in humans and not to help pet owners make smart…

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Secret Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Many people are familiar with the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy massage. It relaxes your body, helps increase circulation, and gives your skin a vibrant glow. However, what many people do not know is that aromatherapy massage is an effective treatment for many other things such as cellulite, stress, emotional problems, as well as for animals.       Aromatherapy massage…

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Treat Your Acne With Essential Oils

AromaScents Naturals - Treating acne with essential oils

Essential oils are amazing to help you control and even eliminate acne. The benefits of essential oils on acne can get rid of current acne and keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Your skin is sensitive to environmental changes, stress, and oily buildup that can trigger the production of sebum, leading to dreadful acne. Some essential oils have the ability…

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